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Morris Allen's founder, president and CEO, Dr. Walter Davis, has over 35 years of experience in federal government and corporate organizations.  It includes providing fiscal, strategic, program/project management and operations leadership in uniquely challenging situations. His ethics and exceptional customer service are mirrored in his staff and every project in which Morris Allen & Associates is involved.

"Where Solutions Are Found"...


MAA's mission is to build long-term, loyal customer relationships and to deliver practical, implementable, and sustainable solutions for engineering, IT, and management services.  We will accomplish this by exceeding our customers' expectations and providing safe, responsive, value-added services that are on time and on budget.



Our vision is to be the best value-added and customer-driven firm in the 21st century.  To distinguish ourselves from other organizations by delivering superior quality, service, and solutions to every client; and to be our client's "vendor of choice" on a routine basis.


Core Values:

  • Customer Commitment

       We exist to help our customers meet their objectives.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and 


  • Determination

       We continuously push forward; improving our skills in order to meet our customers' needs both now and

       in the future.

  • Integrity and Ethics

       We operate with the highest moral compass.  Our word is our bond.

  • Diversity

       Different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds blend to develop inventive and sustainable


  • Respect

       Our corporate culture promotes respect toward both our customers and staff.  We value the

       contributions of every person.

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